Why ScriptSourcing

Prescription drug costs continue to rise and for many Americans are out of reach. Brand-name medications prices soared by 16% in 2015. Specialty drugs, those used to treat complex and costly conditions, such as cancer, Hepatitis C and multiple sclerosis, are prohibitively high. For example, new treatments for Hepatitis C have 90% cure rates. Unfortunately, they also come with a huge price tag: 12 weeks of treatment in the U.S. with Sovaldi is $80,000 and with Harvoni is $94,500. That hurts!

The High Cost of Drugs

Americans also bear a higher cost for prescription drugs than many other countries. For example, the annual price for cancer drug Gleevec is $38,000 in Canada, compared to $146,000 in the U.S. There are many reasons for the high cost of Rx medications including the fact that U.S. drug manufacturers set the price and unlike other countries, the government does not negotiate directly with drug companies.

Employers who are committed to helping employees stay healthy and get the proper care they need are looking for avenues to get reasonably priced, affordable medications into the hands of their workers. Employers also want to gain control over their drug spend.

That’s where ScriptSourcing steps in.

ScriptSourcing: Ensuring Rx Access & Affordability

Founded by CEO Gary Becker, a health insurance and risk management consultant for more than 30 years, ScriptSourcing works with employers to rein in the costs of Rx spending through a coordinated, seamless approach involving several key programs. We have developed a system that helps employers and employers significantly mitigate Rx costs and risks without compromising benefits.

Our programs are designed to provide affordable meds for your employees, which means not only will they have access to the drugs, but they will also be more likely to follow their prescribed doses. We provide employee outreach, a proactive approach, ongoing monitoring and identification of savings opportunities, and prescription advocacy.

We partner with select benefit consultants, PBMs, and TPAs in an effort to provide the most competitive pricing for expensive specialty and name brand medications. Rather than have your PBM source all of your Specialty Medications, ScriptSourcing will attempt to source these medications at a significant savings – typically 50-75%. ScriptSourcing does not charge an administrative or set up fee. Our interests are completely aligned with our client’s.

For you, this means healthier, happier employees as well as significant savings not only in your healthcare spend but also in worker attendance and productivity. In addition, with ScriptSourcing as part of a robust healthcare plan, you’ll attract new talent and retain your valuable employees.