What Our Clients Have to Say

Take a look at some of what our clients are saying after implementing ScriptSourcing programs and services.

Constance Morrison

President & CEO

Home Health Care Management

Wyomissing, PA

“I was fortunate to know of the Script Sourcing option from working with Gary Becker and The Becker Benefit Group. On my subsequent calls to Gary, he showed us how we would be able to redesign our benefits and take advantage of more aggressive pricing with Script Source. We decided to make that change, knowing that many people will be change averse and would worry that they are losing something in the mix.

Now in less than a year into our change, I am very happy to report that not only did the company recognize over $125,000 in cost savings but also just as importantly, our staff has been happy to have support in member outreach services, ease of enrollment and prescription refills mailed directly to the homes. With our staff, time is the most valuable resource. With automatic refill of a script and no waiting in lines, our staff has high praise for ease of use and assistance for Script Source.

If like our organization, you are struggling to make your board and finance team happy, but more importantly want to recruit and retain good employees, this is a winning proposition for you all. I highly recommend Gary and his team to you.”

Dean Geber


Jerry’s Auto Dealership

Baltimore, MD

“I compared the cost of drugs under the ScriptSourcing program with what we were paying and immediately saw that the savings for our self-funded plan would be significant, especially for high-dollar prescription meds. For example, the cost of Gilenya through ScriptSourcing went from $6,400 to $4,400 a month, saving our company $24,000 a year. Additionally, the employee now has a zero copay.”

Mary Zaloski

HR Director

Jerry’s Auto Dealership

Baltimore, MD

“Through ScriptSourcing’s international program, Restasis costs me absolutely nothing and will save our company on an annual basis $x,000. What’s more, the entire process was so easy. I called the staff at ScriptSourcing who directed me to the source where I can obtain my prescription. I now receive my three-month prescription from Canada shipped directly to my office, as it’s more convenient for me.”


Lisa Lester

Benefits Coordinator

Rotary Corp.

Glennville, GA

“Since we made the program available to our employees just four months ago, 42 prescriptions have been filled, saving our company $191,819 – that’s a 67% savings compared to PBM pricing! Not only is our company saving money, our employees are getting these expensive specialty drugs at no cost with a $0 copay. One employee, for example, is taking the cancer drug Gleevec, which prior to joining ScriptSourcing cost the company about $10,000 per month. Now the cost is $5,712.23 per month, which is a huge savings for us. The employee pays nothing where before he paid $150 per month for the drug.”