Save on Name-Brand Meds with Our Mail Order Program

The cost of name-brand medications is increasing at a rate of 13% with American consumers paying up to 16 times more than other countries for the same exact prescription drug. An international prescription program can save employers anywhere from 30% to 90% on name-brand medicines.

At ScriptSourcing, we are able to source medications internationally through four “tier-one” countries for the same name brands at significantly lower costs for employers. Congress deems a “tier one” country to have the same or higher standards as the FDA. We only source name brands through Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand – all English-speaking countries that negotiate directly with the pharmaceutical manufacturers.

For example, take a look at the drug Nexium, which costs health plans over $8.00 per pill domestically. Overseas the cost is about $2.00 per bill. That’s a 80% savings!

How do you know these name-brand medications are safe?

Our international pharmacy management firm has been sourcing meds internationally for employers for over 14-plus years without incident.

Safety Protocols:

  • All meds are factory packaged and sealed
  • Only FDA-approved meds are shipped
  • Up to a 90-day supply will be shipped
  • No sourcing of heat or cold sensitive meds
  • No sourcing of narcotics
  • Members need to have a 30-day supply of meds on hand when establishing an account
  • It takes about 3 weeks to set up an account
  • Members will be contacted on a quarterly basis for reorders
  • All pharmacies have been inspected and have licensed pharmacists on site
  • The pedigree of all meds can be tracked

Features & Benefits:

  • $0 Rx Copay for maintenance name-brand meds
  • 60-70% savings average employer savings
  • 90-day supply mail order program shipped directly to members’ homes
  • Comprehensive employee engagement and education
  • Concierge customer service – responsive to employee needs and inquiries