We Go to Market for Your Specialty Meds for Competitive Pricing

Specialty meds are defined as medications with high costs for a course of treatment or a year of therapy. Some health plans also categorize drugs as specialty if they are novel therapies; require special handling, monitoring, or administration; or are used to treat rare conditions. The estimated price tag for a specialty drug for some chronic conditions, for example, can exceed $100,000* for a year of treatment.

Add to this, the fact that there is significant disparity in medication prices between one Specialty Pharmacy and another, in addition to the conflict of interest that exists when your pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) provides Prior Authorization as well as sources medications through their own Specialty Pharmacy, and you can see why costs are so out of control. Unfortunately, as an employer you may not be aware of how much you are even being charged.

In addition to the staggering costs of these drugs, research shows that when people are hit with higher drug costs, they are more likely to take unhealthy measures such as skipping doctor appointments, tests, or procedures, or not filling their prescriptions or taking them as directed.

Managing Specialty Drug Costs

To deal with the high cost of specialty meds, ScriptSourcing offers a Specialty Med Review Program whereby we will shop over a dozen of the nation’s most competitive Specialty Pharmacies for them to bid on your business. The savings can be thousands, even tens of thousands, for a single script.

What’s more, a team of doctors and pharmacists provide independent, unbiased Prior Authorization to ensure that the medications being prescribed are clinically appropriate.

100% of manufacturer rebates are also provided to the employer.


*The Pew Charitable Trusts